Xbox Bundles – Bringing People Together


 Xbox Bundles Are Bringing People Together

  When Microsoft released their original Xbox back in 2001, they were a bit of an odd man out. Between the intense rivalry of Nintendo and Sony, it seemed like a third contender would be easily pushed aside and ignored, but for a giant like Microsoft, being pushed aside isn’t so simple.

Now over a decade later, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 sits at the forefront of quality and innovation with its massive library of xbox 360 bundlesgames, high quality online service, and its ever evolving Xbox Live experience for gamers around the world. If one thing can be said about the Xbox 360, it’s that this system has evolved and adapted to meet the needs of its fans in every way possible.


The Xbox 360 has a huge array of available features for console gamers, but the shining star of the Xbox gaming experience is Xbox live. Xbox live, or XBL, comes in a Silver “free” version and a Gold “paid” format. Silver users have full access to things like the XBL marketplace for purchasing games, downloadable content, and other media as well as being able to chat one on one with their friends, send messages, and track their achievements online, but if you really want to get the most out of your experience, gold is where the fun is at.

Purchasing XBL Gold unlocks one of the fundamental features of online gaming, the online multiplayer for many of its titles. While other services may offer free online play, Live’s Gold has the longest track record of consistent quality service with minimal downtime or safety risks and concerns. Gold also gives players access to exclusive content like deep discounts on digital games and media as well as contests, promotions, premium services like Netflix and party chat and, best of all, the widest player base out of the “big three” consoles. There are more Xbox Live Gold players than any other console online service available with more people playing more games more often, period.

 Buy xbox 360 For Hours of Entertainment


buy xbox 360mThe Xbox 360 bundles also is home to a huge library of fantastic AAA rated games. With popular exclusives like the Halo and Gears of War series’, it’s no secret why more people are playing xbox than ever. The Xbox thrives at delivering a top quality multiplayer experience both local and online for many of its games, featuring huge communities for popular FPS games like Call of Duty and Battlefield as well as a fantastic solo experience with action and adventure games like the fantasy epic Fable series and legendary punishing campaign of Ninja Gaiden II.

When it comes time to buy xbox 360 bundles and games though, the games are great, but the real innovation comes from Xbox’s Arcade and XNA Indie games. The Xbox  Live Arcade is a veritable treasure trove of amazing small games perfect for gamers looking for something a little different.

Shorter than your average full retail game, these games offer amazing gameplay experiences at often a fraction of the cost. Popular games like the critically acclaimed couch co-op beat ‘em up Castle Crashers and post apocalyptic survival game I Am Alive offer stellar campaigns and stories several hours long and are downloaded straight to the hard drive allowing for disc-less play any time.


 Xbox 360′s XNA Community

 The other half of the online marketplace for games is Xbox 360′s XNA community allows independent game developers to xbox bundlelive out their dreams and create games for download on the Xbox Live marketplace. These indie games are even cheaper than Arcade games and offer a fun break from the standard of games that we’ve grown accustomed to. Often with simplified controls or graphics, these indie games carry with them the heart and soul of the people that have worked so hard to create them and there are many titles out there that are arguably more enjoyable than some big name titles.


 xbox with Kinect

In a world where regular games alone aren’t enough to truly win over audiences and where the stereotype of gamers spending their days glued to their couches, the Xbox 360 has found a way to break the monotony and the bad reputation with their Kinect motion gaming system. Most motion games simply require you to “waggle” around a rod shaped motion controller that a camera or sensor will detect, causing players to still just lounge around on their couch as they play. The Kinect takes motion gaming to a whole new level by putting you in the game… literally.

xbox with kinectWith the Kinect you become the controller with its brilliant and innovative combination of heat sensors, facial recognition, motion tracking technology, and a built in microphone. What you do in your living room, the game will match on screen. To throw a football in game, you need to reach back and let your pass fly, If you want to fight enemies, put up your dukes yourself and let  them have it!

Designed for use with up to two players, the Kinect allows you and a friend to play fun, active motion games side by side, often with drop in/drop out gameplay. While primarily for motion games, the xbox with Kinect also allows Xbox players to enjoy enhanced gameplay with regular games like additional voice or motion controls. In addition to its game functions, the Kinect also allows for live video chatting so you can talk to your friends and family face to face over Xbox Live.

 With so many fantastic features between the unique Kinect motion gaming, the top notch AAA exclusive games, and the inclusive community that’ brings players from all over the world together, it’s no wonder why the Xbox 360 continues to remain a leading force int the world of home console gaming. If you’re a gamer who loves to play with a huge community of friendly and experienced gamers, then the Xbox 360 is waiting for you.

Little Tikes Fold ‘n Store Table For Imaginative Play

 The Little Tikes Fold n Store Table with Market Umbrella offers children their own space to play or eat a picnic Little Tikes Fold n Store Table with Market Umbrellalunch. This table includes an umbrella that makes it great for hot, sunny summer days to protect your child from the harmful rays of the sun. Let’s take a closer look to see what this table has to offer.

 Key Features of the Little Tikes Fold ‘n Store Table with Market Umbrella

  • Natural wood look and color that blends well with adult outside furniture
  • Center hole to hold the market umbrella (included with table)
  • Assemble only once
  • Fold-able for easy storage
  • Seats up to 8 children
  • Suitable for 24 months to 8 years old

 Is the Little Tikes Fold and Store Picnic Table with Market Umbrella Worth Buying?

 Is your child at an age where he or she wants to do things for his or herself? Does your child enjoy picnics or having a comfortable place to play during the warm months? If yes, the Little Tikes Fold n Store Table with Market Umbrella is a Little Tikes Market Umbrellaperfect complement to your child’s needs. If your child is not aware of the fun of having his or her own personally sized table to play or eat snacks and lunch, this table will be a nice surprise.

 The first thing you will notice about this picnic table after assembly is that it has such a natural look that blends easily into the environment or other outdoor furniture that you may own. The table is made of plastic to resemble a real wood table, so it is easy to wipe down and clean after use.

The Tables Many Uses

 The table is the perfect size for your child and his or her friends that come over to visit. They can sit together in one place that is comfortable for their size and can play with toys, do crafts, eat snacks, or have a picnic lunch. As up to eight children can sit at this table facing one another, it encourages all children to interact with one another to develop their social skills.

 One drawback of this table is that it takes longer than the manual states for assembly. There are many pieces and can beLittle Tikes Fold ‘n Store Table somewhat hard to put together. Also, when you decide to store the table after the warm season, it takes some disassembly with removal of screws; it does not just fold up easily for storage.

 Overall, this is a great picnic table design for children and will allow them to play and eat safely with a table designed for their little bodies. The hours of fun children can receive from this sturdy Little Tikes Fold n Store Picnic Table with Market Umbrella is worth the investment, and is a great buy for your little one.

Lego City Police Forest Station Review

The Lego City Police Forest Station is a great addition for children who already own Legos, or for children who love to build. Lego is known for developing fine motor skills and encouraging creativity and imagination. This set has many details and interactive pieces. Let’s take a closer look to see what this toy has to offer.

lego city police forest station

Key Features of the Lego City Police Forest Station

* 5 minifigures

* Includes vehicles

* Includes a watch tower, satellite dish, cell with 3 beds, and a removable mailbox and safe

* Moveable parts: rocks, beehive, gold bars, money, suitcase, crowbar, handcuffs, binoculars, flashlight, 2 walkie-talkies, and a pickaxe.

* 2 stable bases

* Ages 6-12

 Is the Lego City Police Forest Station Worth Buying?

You can see for yourself in this Lego City Forest Police Station Video

 The scene of this Lego set is the forest policemen see robbers hiding stolen items behind a rock. The policemen catch the robbers with their helicopter. The robbers are arrested and put in the cells that have beds. They try to escape, but are afraid of the large bear nearby. This is perfect for imaginative play, whether your child already loves Lego or not. They can have fun during the building process, or in the stories they create once the set is already put together.

 This Lego set includes two sturdy bases, which is not always included in other Lego sets. This makes this set more durable as lego city police forest station helicopterfar as staying built and not having pieces fall off. The inclusion of all the minifigures, helicopter, and ATV add a lot more interactive and imaginative play time for your child.

 The Lego City Police Forest Station is designed for both girls and boys – there is no gender distinction. The directions to build this Lego set are detailed and easy for a child of six or older to build alone. This complete set is very interactive and durable for hours of creative play. There are many options to story lines that your child can create on his or her own. The possibilities are endless.

lego city police forest station review There are stickers that come with this set. The stickers are made of plastic and not paper like other sets. This makes the stickers resist wear from continued play. This is one set that your child can leave fully assembled and even coordinate with other Lego sets. Younger children may need assistance with the placement of the stickers.

 This toy delivers exactly what it promises. Lego has held a strong name in the industrylego city police forest station 4440 for its creativity and durability. Overall, this is a great toy for your child to increase development, creativity, and imagination. It is definitely worth the investment.



Fisher-Price My First Dollhouse Review

 The dollhouse is a perennial bestselling toy, and is an iconic piece of childhood. It’s no surprise then that it keeps on gettingfisher-price my first dollhouse reinvented, with new dollhouses coming out every year. Even in this digital era, there’s nothing quite like a real dollhouse to entertain your children. But what does the My First Dollhouse from Fisher-Price offer, and does it make it worth buying? Let’s take a closer look.

 Key Features Of The Fisher-Price My First Dollhouse

  •  Chunky easy-hold pieces
  • Wide open rooms for young hands
  • Sweet styling

 Is The Fisher-Price My First Dollhouse Worth Buying?

 The first thing you notice about the My First Dollhouse is its styling. It’s really cute, with a chunky and colorful build. This makes it appealing to young children who find the big and bold more of a draw than anything too delicate or refined.

 The house itself is well thought out. It has a total of five rooms, which includes a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom, a nursery and a parent’s bedroom. These make up a great stage in which pretty much all the core aspects of family life can be played out.

 The rooms have been designed with little people in mind (not the dolls, the children!), which is why they’re so open and wide. The space makes it easier for young children who are still getting to grips with moving their hands precisely to play with the toy.

 Dollhouse Figures

fisher price my first dollhouse african american familyThis dollhouse also comes with the all-important dolls. In this case, it’s three dolls: mommy, fisher price my first dollhouse figuresdaddy and baby. This forms a basic family unit for your child to play out family stories with. The dolls are big and chunky which not only makes them attractive to young eyes but also easier to handle and less likely to break.

 My First Dollhouse Furniture

For those thinking into the future when buying this toy, it’s also worth mentioning that there are expansion sets to go with it. Two notable examples are the grandma with stroller and the big sister. The big sister comes with a whole extra room that actually includes a bed – a piece of furniture that’s actually missing from the original house which is somewhat surprising given that there’s already a bedroom for the parents.

 Fisher Price My First Dollhouse Accessories

Truthfully, this toy is somewhat light on accessories. There’s relatively few pieces of furniture included. If you want a fully furnished house you’ll have to make some extra purchases. However, the point is really that the toy doesn’t need these things to be fun, and it makes less of a mess when your child plays. It also means there’s less for your child to lose.

 This dollhouse does require some assembly, but it’s very easy to do. It’s also an extremely durable build, easily able to handle the sort of rough and tumble an adventurous young child might put it through. Over all that makes this a brilliant toy that comes at a very reasonable price for this kind of product. If you’re considering  fisher price my first dollhouse then there’s no reason not to buy it. It’s a fantastic dollhouse sure to please youngsters.

fisher price my first dollhouse accessory sets

Wii U Review

Nintendo Does It Again With the New Wii U

For Nintendo fan around the globe, this last November held one of the most important dates we’ve seen  in almost six years.wii u console After years of debate and months of hype, the Wii U was finally released and fans clambered from all around in order to secure one this holiday season.

Boasting the most impressive list of features a Nintendo device has ever commanded, the Wii U is ushering gaming into a whole new world just like its predecessors before it. If you’re still on the fence on whether or not this new console is worth your while, maybe this will change your mind.

First and foremost is the Wii U’s tablet control, the core mechanic of the new console. With a huge 6.2” touch screen (edging out the PSVita’s 5” OLED from its top spot), this controller has many features that help to enhance the game play and features of each game.

The gamepad also has many controls familiar to gamers such as dual analog sticks, a D-Pad, a four button input on the right side, a motion sensor, and a pair of both bumpers and triggers as well as some great new features like a built in camera and microphone. This controller does it all and then some as not just a control unit for the console, but a handheld gaming unit on its own!

Wii U Detailed Touchpad Screen

When you think of a console, you see a box connected to a television that plays your games, but what if it could be more than that? The Wii U takes that thought and runs with it with all the great additional features the gamepad has to offer.

The vivid, colorful, and detailed touchpad screen isn’t just for interacting with games, in many cases it can function as an individual screen for the player using it or even allowing you to play without a television entirely!

Wii U touch pad screenThat’s right, you no longer have to “hog” the television to enjoy some of your favorite games, you can play many Wii U titles from the gamepad itself. You also never have to worry about screen peeking during multiplayer again either, with the Wii U gamepad.

Pad users can move away and enjoy their multiplayer experience even in another room if they wanted and still enjoy their game and interact with the players using the television. Some games (such as Ubisoft’s Just Dance 4) even allow you to use the gamepad as the entire unit, working as a motion sensing unit and game screen all in one!

Synchronizing Wii U with Your Television

If you thought that was all the gamepad had to offer, you’d be wrong. This unique controller also has plenty of features for outside of your gaming experience as well. First (and arguably most useful in my clumsy opinion) you can synchronize your gamepad with your television, ensuring you never have to worry about the remote control again!         wii u on tv

 With the press of a button, you can turn your Wii U and the television on from the same unit. You can also change inputs, settings, channels, and volume with complete control through the gamepad. This may seem like a gimmicky bonus feature, but when Nintendo launches its TVii service later this month (an amalgamation of services like Netflix, Hulu +, Tivo, and cable that allows for instant viewing, DVR recording, and even live chat about your favorite shows), having this all in one remote is going to come in quite handy.

Enough about the gamepad (for now at least), on to the games! Unlike its predecessor, the Wii U isn’t restrained by outdated hardware and, as such, isn’t just getting the same AAA exclusives, but also a lot of the multiplatform titles that Nintendo’s consoles have been lacking. No more sitting back as your fellow console owners get the next big HD FPS or action game, the Wii U will have it all and likely with a bonus twist of interactivity with the motion controller.

Also an expanded eShop will be making an appearance with downloadable full games and a “Wii Channel” for all your classic Wii favorites. The only thing you’ll have a problem doing is deciding which games to play!

The Nintendo Miiverse Community

MiiverseNintendo has really gone all out with this console and not just with the hardware and software. The Nintendo Miiverse is bringing gamers together like never before. Everyone loved their tiny self-insert  Miis from the Wii and now you can take your little caricatures online in a community experience like no other.

Based around various “Communities” Wii U owners can chat about their favorite games, draw pictures, take screenshots, and send each other messages through this revolutionary service and best of all? It’s totally free!

No shelling out cash monthly or even yearly for this great service, you’ll be able to enjoy Nintendo’s online services without charge forever. That means you’ll be able to access the Miiverse, web browser, and even the Wii U video Chat (a great feature utilizing the gamepad’s built in camera and microphone for calling) when and wherever you have an internet connection.

Something else people like is the uDraw Game Tablet. It is a gaming graphics tablet for the Wii U. It has pressure sensitive stylus which allows users to draw and view their creations on screen. The tablet is motion sensitive through either the Wii Remote or internal accelerometers, which lets users tilt and roll the tablet for various changes in gameplay.

Wii U Has Proven Itself a Worthy Competitor                                Wii U

The Wii U has suffered the slings and arrows of its detractors since its announcement back in April of 2011, often called an “overpriced paperweight” or “next gen kiddie console” by more hardcore fans of competing consoles, but the wealth of features, great games, and solid gameplay and controls the Wii U is featuring, these voices have become a quick minority.

Less than a month after its release, the Wii U has shown immense promise with its massive list of launch and early release titles and overall quality and I for one am looking forward to the new era of gaming that Nintendo is leading us into.

Dust Mites and Stuffed Animals

Dust Mites and Stuffed Animals – is Your Child Safe

 Stuffed animals are some of a child’s favorite toys. They are irresistible, comforting and cuddly. Even adults can’t resist them! But get rid of dust mitesunfortunately stuffed animals are effective breeding grounds for dust mites and can be bad news for your child. In this article you will find out why dust mites can be bad for stuffed animal lovers and how to get rid of them.

 Why Are Dust Mites Bad For Your Child?

 The dust mites don’t actually do anything on their own, but it`s their feces that causes harm. Dust mite waste can cause a number of unpleasant side effects for asthma and allergy sufferers.

 Most people don’t realize that any surface which has the dead skin cells, dust mites like to feed on and are subject to their presence. That’s pretty much everywhere, including stuffed animals.

 That’s why it’s important to clean your child’s stuffed animals frequently and destroy as many dust mites and their waste as you can. If your child has severe asthma, it may be best to not keep stuffed animals in your child’s bedroom and limit your child’s interaction with stuffed animals as much as possible.

 How to Clean Your Stuffed Animals

Here are a few things that you can do to keep your child’s stuffed toys as clean as possible:

How to clean stuffed animals If the stuffed animal is washable, once a week throw it in the wash machine and wash it in hot water. This will help kill the dust mites on the inside as well as the outside. Afterwards, you can put the toy in the dryer on high heat to further clean up whatever is left of the mites.
  Not all stuffed animals are washable, so in this case you can put the stuffed animal inside a zip-lock bag or plastic wrap and place it in the freezer overnight or in the morning and take it out in the evening. After taking it out of the freezer, you can either put it in the dryer on high heat or vacuum it to remove the dust mites that were frozen to death. 

At least once a week vacuum your child’s stuffed animals to remove as many mites as you can. This is a temporary solution until you  do the thorough cleaning previously mentioned.

 You now know the importance of keeping your child’s stuffed animals clean. You will want to play an active role in carrying out the previous steps as directed. It will help in preventing asthma and allergies symptoms.


John Deere Sit-N-Scoot Activity Tractor Review

 Parents like for their children to play actively and for play to educational as well. This John Deer tractor addresses both of these concerns. It teaches kids about farms and at the same time they are active by scooting the tractor along with their feet.

 Some Key Features John Deere Sit-N-Scoot Activity Tractor Review

  • Makes realistic sounds
  • Plays “Old McDonald”
  • Walk behind bar

Is The Activity Tractor Worth Buying?

The Sit-N-Scoot activity tractor has basically nothing to assemble. Although this is a large toy meant for riding around on and pushing along, all you have to do is attach the seat. Very easily slide the seat onto the body of the tractor, that’s it! Its chunky and colorful design is appealing to kids. To help hold their attention, it is eye catching and makes imaginative play more real.

 There are many excellent features on this tractor such as playing “Old McDonald”. This is a brilliant choice of song that all kids absolutely love once they learn, and it encourages them to learn the names of animals.

 One of the other great features that kids love is the tractor sounds. This adds to a child’s play session, helping to bring the tractor to life and giving them a better grasp of what their toy is meant to be. It’s a small thing that gives lots of extra excitement, making this more fun to play with.

 Extras That Keep Children More Active

Included in the set are four farm animals that can ride on different parts of the tractor. They can also be stored inside the seat. These animals further encourage the learning of animal names. These animals add to the child’s entertainment, keeping them occupied for longer periods of time.

John Deere Sit-N-Scoot Activity Tractor Animals Besides being used to store animals, the lifting seat can also be used to store other things. That means kids can keep their favorite toys inside the tractor if they want, taking them wherever they scoot. The seat also plays animal sounds when it’s raised up, which adds another dimension to an already full featured toy.

 The most important thing of all is that this John Deere Sit-N-Scoot Activity Tractor encourages children to be active. It is also great for children who are learning to walk by pushing the tractor along with the walk behind bar. This is great for children who are learning to walk.

 In conclusion this is a well engineered toy that’s sure to bring hours of entertainment and happiness to your child. At a reasonable price this tractor will help get your child active and teach them about farmyard animals along the way.

Air Hogs HyperActive

airhog Each year remote control vehicles from the RC world such as the Air Hogs Hyperactive always end up on the hottest toys list. The most demanded toys make that coveted list and usually are gone from shelves well in advance of any holidays. Again this year the Air Hogs are one of the toys in that category. It`s great fun for kids of all ages. There’s just something about racing that captivates the attention of people no matter what the age or gender is.

The Air Hogs Hyperactive are about as hot as you can get this holiday season. Air Hogs are the best in their performance class and have been around for a long time. Their remote controlled helicopters were a big hit last Christmas. All the Hyperactives are recognized by toy stores as hot sellers for all seasons, so don`t delay and get your hands on them before they sell out everywhere.

Air Hogs Hyperactives Features

These Air Hog vehicles come in a wide range of metallic color options: blue/silver, orange/white, red/gold and blue/yellow. The big rims and cool roll bar is something that kids find fascinating. It requires 6 AA batteries for the remote and includes a charger. It only takes a fast half hour to charge up. Get all day play with the rechargeable batteries.

Hyperactives cars really do live up to what their manufacturer promises. They have some really cool features that help them defy gravity and reach crazy speeds of up to 20 mph which is 600 mph to scale! 2.4 GHZ of power is packed into this little vehicle. Get ready to kiss gravity goodbye.

One of their special features is the ability to always return to an upright position. With interchangeable rubber or foam tires, they are super fast and are excellent on a wide range of different terrains. This keeps the fun flowing, reducing the need to stop and pick the vehicle up. This is especially handy if you’re playing outdoors with them.

Remote Controlled Awesomeness

The remote control that is included makes controlling the hyperactives a air hogs hyperactivebreeze.  It can be used as far as over 150 feet away from the actual car and is multi band which means up to 10 vehicles can be ran at the same time. The vehicles and controls are designed to be unaffected by interference. This means that your child can play with others who have their own Hyperactives.

It`s absolutely mind boggling the speeds that these toys can reach. With the unheard of 2.4 GHZ radio controlled frequency and fantastic speeds the racing hobbyist can test their friend’s skills. With the multi band ability for up to 10 vehicles you can have an all out race war.

Air Hogs Hyperactives Radio Controlled Adrenaline

Because of the Air Hogs Hyperactives sleek dune buggy body design the vehicle is optimized for stunts and easy to sustain record-breaking speed of 600 mph to scale!. Also because of the power these toys have, it`s easy to see why it`s code name among enthusiasts is “adrenaline”. This is why these toys are the leader in remote controlled gadgets.

Since children can play with Air Hogs by themselves or with their friends and airhogsfamily, it will bring them hours of fun.

There’s no doubt that this is one of the fastest and best quality RC cars to hit the market. Air Hogs Hyperactives are high quality and affordable. Make sure that you get these hottoys for your kids   while you still can!


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Innotab – Vtech’s Educational Toy Tablet

Innotab Vtech Toys

Vtech has come out with the perfect educational tool disguised as a toy. Parents and guardians will want to learn about the Vtech InnoTab Interactive Learning Tablet. The InnoTab tablet enables your child to safely experience the innotabbest of the digital world as they learn and play with their favorite characters.

The InnoTab is fun and interactive as stories come to life through animation with characters voices and vibrant graphics. The InnoTab offers a five-inch, touch screen allowing kids to move their fingers across the screen to perform tasks just like mom and dad, only the Innotab is child proof.

Innotab Media  Player for Children

The Innotab can hold up to 64MB of media with the ability for memory expansion through an SD card slot. With 4 different media players in one your child is sure to have many avenues of entertainment education through eBooks, music, videos, educational games and photo viewer. It even has a stylus.

Kids will learn and enjoy reading comprehension, vocabulary, phonics, word building, and interact with animated characters. As they read, kids will watch the words highlight and can touch individual words to hear them pronounced. Each e-book comes with a story dictionary offering word definitions that are easy for kids to comprehend and helps with the context of the story.

Kids will enjoy learning reading, phonics and even vocabulary through eBooks with highlighted words that your child can look up the definitions to as they read along. But what if your child isn’t quite at the reading age yet? No worries, the Innotab will also narrate stories with special character voices to keep your child’s attention. Characters from Disney such as Mickey Mouse, various Princesses, the Toy Story gang all come to life on this fun educational toy.

Another childrens favorite feature on the Vtech’s InnoTab is the art studio. Perfect for your little budding artist, kids can draw on the device using their stylus and let their imagination soar. If they would rather color than draw there’s a coloring book that they can bring their picture to life by tilting the tablet.

Innotab Works Just Like Mom and Dad`s

And that’s not all the Innotab has. Just like mom and dad`s it also has a calendar and calculator that allow your child to perform simple math or keep up with dates that are important to him. With just a few taps to the screen he can put in dates that will teach him how to count down the days until that special zoo trip or keep track of important homework or playdates.

To make things even better, never worry about another boring road trip. With the Innotab, kids can watch their favorite full-length movies again and again. They can pause, play, rewind, or fast forward to their favorite scenes again and again.

Vtech takes sound quality to a new level for little ears so don’t think just because it’s a kid’s device that the quality will be poor. One of the most fun features of the Innotab is the built-in MP3 player. Kids can play their favorite songs over and over.

Vetech Online Learning Center

But it doesn`t stop here, additional content such as ebooks and learning games can be downloaded from your PC through the online learning center, the Learning Lodge Navigator. It’s here that parents can even monitor their child’s progress.

Vtech offers gaming cartridges for the Innotab featuring many characters and different apps. So when your child out grows Dora the Explorer there are new cartoon characters for her to discover. If you want a toy that will grow with your child then Vtechs Innotab is an excellent choice!

Lite Sprites and Lite Wand

Lite SpritesFor those of you with little girls, you probably already know that the Lite Sprites are a “must have” on their list and is recommended for ages 4 and up.

In the magical sprites world that is so bright and colorful, enchantment springs to life for little girls. These sprites are known as WowWee’s Lite Sprites. They have their own magical place that goes by the name of Lite Topia and it’s quite an enchanted land just perfect for sprites as everyone knows.

Lite Topia is an enchanted world full of many lights and colors. There are many different characters that children can collect. The Sprites have a leader and her name is Prisma. She is vivacious and enjoys all of the beautiful, kind lights. The Prisma set comes with her figurine in her own little pod as well as the Lite Wand that your child will use to interact with other Lite Topia characters sets.

Lite Sprites Lite Wand Will Amaze Children

The Lite Sprites main selling point is the way in that the Lite Wand can recognize colors from our world. When your child points it at certain objects, the light at the end of the wand will light up. When the wand is pointed at Prisma, she changes to match that color. When kids find a color they like, they can point it at other Lite Sprites from the range and change their color too.

Ten colors come with the Lite Wand on a separate color wheel, but is designed for kids to find new ones by exploring the objects in the world around them and absorbing those colors. The wand is designed to store colors if your child wants to bring them with them somewhere else.

These adorable little sprites have unique colors to them that they draw by using their magical wands. A long time ago in this magical land of Lite Topia there was beauty in the light all around as the four sprites used their wands to create the beauty by using color spells.

Lite Sprite games encourage children to become more attentive to their surroundings and as they search for a color that they’ve never used before.

Absorbing colors with the wand and changing the Lite Sprites color isn`t the only thing the children can do with these fantastical creatures. You can also play games on the lite wand like finding the color that it shows you before the time runs out. Prisma stays lit up for about twelve minutes so she can even be used as a night.

This wouldn`t be a true fairy tale scenario though if we didn`t have a bad sprite to go along with the good sprites. This Wowwee Lite Sprite is named Bleak and comes with her Pod. She doesn`t want to live the good life of the other sprites and so she likes to be mischievous and  turn things to drab colors but the good WowWee’s Lite Sprites work to make Lite Topia colorful again.

Another sprites that is grateful for the color and beauty of Lite Topia is Astra. She has the ability to add a unique touch to the moon and stars.  She’s the dreamer in the crowd and in the Wowwee Lite Sprite Astra and Pod set.

Lastly we have the Lite Sprite, Brooke and she has the ability to bring a unique color to water for the enjoyment of all who gaze upon it. The wands that come with each of these sprites has the ability to capture light from other objects and project it onto the play set.

Lite Sprites Tree of Lite – Home Sweet Home

The place these little sprites call home is the Tree of Lite. Each of the sprites Lite Sprites Tree of Litepods can connect to the Tree of Lite which has an elevator, stairs and balconies. The tree also has soft sounds and pretty lights and they can move about it freely.

Also in the WowWee’s Lite Sprites world is the Wowwee Lite Sprite Deluxe Waterfall Playset. This fun waterfall can tell the sprites apart and will react with the colors that are associated with each sprite. It also responds to the spells from the wands. The Wowwee Lite Sprite Deluxe Windmill Playset and the Wowwee Lite Sprite Deluxe Swingset Playset will also make a wonderful addition to your child’s Lite Sprites world of Lite Topia.